Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn gains international fame!

NewYork: Autumn has done it again! Her recent album debut is currently at number one on the Billboard 200 album charts. Her success has been largely contributed her strong vocal abilities and great support and encouragement from her current bff Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton Promoting Autumn’s latest self titled album.

Her success isn’t only limited to singing and recording but various advertising companies has approached Autumn to endorse various top notch brands. In interview with OK! Magazine, Autumn has declared that she will only endorse products she believes in. She has recently signed a one year endorsement contract with Tiffany & Co. and Givenchy Fragrances. Her latest Billboard is all over Big Apple.

Autumn’s latest endorsement with Givenchy.

Autumn will be promoting her self titled album all over the US in October and in various countries in the Asian region in November. Autumn states that although she is currently a green card holder, she will never forget her roots and her fans that had supported her when she first started out in her home country, Malaysia.

Autumn’s US and Asian Tour Tickets are now available at local record stores.

Even with her hectic and tight working schedule, Autumn has managed to squeeze some time to feature on Vogue magazine. Despite her success in the music industry, Autumn was very down-to-earth and approachable during the recent interview with Vogue.

Autumn on the front cover of Vogue. Shots were taken during her recent trip to Malibu.

Autumn revealed that she feels blessed with the success and it was all hard work and persistence that brought her to where she is today. She has started singing classes and modelled for children’s apparel from the age of 4 year’s old. She always knew she wanted to be a star when she grew up.

Young Autumn in an ad for Children’s Apparels.

Her mega success has not only earned her millions of greens but it has also earned her a “Datukship” in Malaysia for being the first Malaysian artist to achieve international success in the entertainment industry.

Portrait of Young Autumn in the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur as a tribute to her success.


P/s: haha! This is all purely fiction and I am only fantasizing!
All these cool pictures are super imposed at photofunia.
Hope it made you cracked up really hard!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Party People It's a Weekend!!

Finally it’s the weekend again!!

Time to put your party hats on and partehh~~~

Have a great weekend people!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It was just a normal day where I was crusin on the highway. I was traveling at about 70 KM/H. As I was driving, there was a bird about to take off and it was flying at my eye level.

In my head at the time was this conversation between my parents.

Mom: Hey, slow down a little. There are birds on the middle of the road!

Dad: Aiyah… You think the bird so stupid let u knock them meh? They know how to fly off wan lah.

True enough, each time the bird would have flew off as our car approach closer to the birds.

So with that in mind I didn’t bother to slow down and continued driving at the speed I was at. And suddenly I head “SPLATT” I actually collided with the poor bird. It flew off and from my rear view mirror I saw that it almost hit a bike rider behind me. Luckily the bike rider managed to avoid it and it finally landed on the road! Gosh.. I was like stunned and feeling really guilty..

So next time when you see bird(s) on the road, do slow down.

This is a public service message in support of Road Kills.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Stumble upon this website and I find it really cool.

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

It is surprising how random people can just send their most private inner thoughts to be published to the world.

Some of the postcards which were sent to PostSecret

I’ve recently gotten a postcard too!! It’s no secret but it’s all the way from Manchester!!

AWwWww…. Totally awesome right?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bimbo Vs Girl Next Door.

Ok guys! I need your opinion on this. What’s your ideal girl like? A hot looking girl with the most perfect looking body but who only cares about her nails and her hair colour? Or a sweet looking girl next door who can hold her end of the conversation?

Before you make your decision or your conclusion let me just take you thru the details of a bimbo and a girl next door.

Celeb example: Paris Hilton/ Jessica Simpson/ Pamela Anderson
Interest: Manicure, Bikinis, Boob Job, clubbing tanning, Spa, Shopping, Poodles and Chihuahuas
Plus points: The way she pouts when she wants something or when she gets mad just melts your heart.
How she makes heads turn when you walk hand in hand with in malls reminds you how lucky you are to have her.
Dating has never been so exciting till you met her.
Negative Points: The number of hours she takes to get ready before going out.
The amount of time you actually sit in front of a dressing room just to wait for her to change outfits after outfits (and it happens every single weekend).
The big hole in your pocket at the end of every month.

Girl Next Door

Celeb example: Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock
Interest: Reading a good book, playing musical instruments, origami
Plus points: The way she smiles just takes your breathe away.
How she is able to socialise and mingle with your buddies when you take her to an outing with the boys.
You feel whole and secure dating her.

Negative points: At times she is such a dork.
How she expects you to make your bed in the mornings.

So guys… A bimbo or the girl next door. What’s your pick?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Have you been indulging in these??

Autumn absolutely loves moon cakes! Especially when its filled with ice-cream or chocolate!~ Totally Yummy-licious!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We all have different wants and needs, and as we go along the journey of life, our priorities change and our expectations incline. That is only natural.
So what are your priorities?

Some people’s ultimate aim is to own a collection of fancy cars.

Some dreams of achieving the peak of the career the soonest possible.

Some would want to travel round the world and visit as many places as possible in this life time.

Some can’t wait to start a family.

Some wish to be the hottest girl/guy in town.

Some want to spread the teachings of God all around the world.

Some are just happy and contended as a beach bum.

Some just want it all but of course we all know, we can’t have it all. We can work toward achieving them all and probably get most of them, but we certainly won’t have it all. This is where we start prioritizing and that plays a significant role in life.

I’ve learn of opportunity cost when I first took my economics lesson when I was 18 and it made so much sense even till today. This theory just totally explains that life is never a bed of roses therefore all we need to do is to make the most out of what we have (our resources) to maximize utility.

What are your priorities? And what are you willing to do to achieve them? To find the answers would not be simple but getting the answers makes it all worth while.

With that being said, I am about to make one of the biggest decisions in life and the deadline is getting closer and closer.

Life too short to not take risk, so carpe diem!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I never knew

I never knew that driving on an early Saturday morning could feel so good. I hardly drive these days, what more on an early Saturday morning. A medical check up appointment at town got me driving and I realized that driving early in the morning can be pretty enjoyable. There weren’t many cars. I guess most of the people my age are still sleeping soundly after a long night of partying.

I never knew the drive could be so scenic. I secretly wished that one day, perhaps someday I could enjoy such scenic drive with my special someone * whom I have yet to find *. Perhaps we could be cruising in a convertible by then . *jumps with joy!*

This is Autumn enjoying the simple pleasures of life and living life to the fullest!

Friday, September 5, 2008

True Representation!

Ever walked into a boutique or an apparell store to see a beautiful outfit that you think will suit you perfectly but when you tried it on it actually look very unflattering especially on * ahem * the not so attractive parts of the body.

A couple of weeks ago I went to this store during one of those retail therapy sessions. And WahHH-LahHH. I finally found a mannequin which has a true representation of a woman’s body shape.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

10 Signs to Leave your Job.

Ever felt like your job is a pain in the butt?
But felt like as time passes you will be able to cope with it?

Ever felt like not waking up to go to work?
But think that it’s just a phase?

Ever felt like giving a 24 hours resignation?
But would want to give it another shot coz you know you’ll make it through?

Ever felt like walking off your work place and never turning back?
But feel like there is actually a bright career prospect?

Ever feel like quitting?
But you have a family to feed?

It is so important to have a job that is well suited for you coz you spend more than 50% of your time awake at work. You see your colleagues more often than you see your family/ friends/partner. Almost 70% of your brain is processing work related matters and you have another 30% thinking about god knows what. LOL. Bottom line is your jobs plays a significant role in your life and it is so important to be happy with it coz only then you will be able to excel and be motivated in what you’re doing and achieve significant success in the long run.

Below are the lists of signs what might indicate that your job is not well suited for you.

1) You are bored silly at work.
The tasks you do at work don’t engage you any more. You’ve been there, done that. You can do the work in your sleep…some days you feel like you are! While you try to get your work done, you dream of having work that’s fulfilling, meaningful, and engaging. You don’t know what that will be, but you hope something else is out there that you can do.

2) You spend too much time checking your personal email rather than working.
There are lots of ways to entertain yourself when you don’t feel like working–checking your personal email, sending text messages, surfing the web, scanning opportunities on
your favourite job board. How much time do you spend on non-work activities during a typical workday?

3) You lack the energy to be consistently productive?
There are heaps of works to do and it is just pilling up high and higher but you don’t feel like getting started at all because you just couldn’t be bothered?

4) You find yourself being more cynical, critical and sarcastic at work?
Like who cares about what whoever thinks anymore? You certainly don’t!
5) No room for advancement.
If your company's workforce is stagnant, it means that your career won't be able to advance. An environment that offers no room for you to move up or take on more responsibility, no promotions and no rewards is not a good place to be in for long.

6) You get to work late and leave early
You get to work late and leave early for no real reason other than you want to minimize your time spent at work. Overtime is a painful word to you.

7) You only do enough work to get by and to avoid detection of your lack of interest
Oh! Totally sounds like what my typical day at work is like!

8) You take one or more sick days a month when neither you nor anyone in your family is really unwell.
Getting up for work has became so painful you really rather be sick than be at work. Just the thought of work the next day gave you all sorts of illness.

9) All you care about is your paycheck and not about professional growth, future projects or where the company is headed.
Punching out for work seems to be the happiest moment of the day coz that’s when the day starts for you!

10) You watch the clock all day long.
You look at the clock on your computer, your cell phone, the wall of your office. The time creeps by, slowly, so very slowly. How often do you check the time each hour? How
frequently do you check the clock in the last two hours of your work day? When time moves so slowly it’s a good sign you aren’t enjoying your work any more.

Feel like 10 out of 10 signs are applicable to you? Then I guess its time to DO IT! It’s time to walk the talk!

Note: Autumn is not liable for any unemployment caused!