Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year resolution

It’s the last day of the year and here I am drafting out my New Year resolution for 09’. As mentioned over and over again, a year passes by so quickly and before you know it the year is over. Every New Year we wish that the coming year would be better than before. But wishful thinking ain’t enough. So let’s make this year different. Let’s put our plans into pen and paper and really make it work.

I wish you all the best in whatever you dream to achieve in 09’ and may it all come true with the least obstacle.

My New Year resolution of 2009.

#1. To make more money- I know the economy is bad but that aint gonna stop me from achieving my dreams. I believe that with hard work, perseverance, creativity and effort all is possible.

#2.To live a healthier life style- That includes less clubbing, more exercising, more vegetables in my daily diet, more sleep, less stress. The ultimate goal is to shed a few inches around my waist and gain a few inches around my bust! Lol. Is that even possible?

#3. To be more organized- My room is in a mess, my work desk is in a mess. I vow to be more organized not only physically but also in my daily/weekly activities.

#4. To be more efficient at work- Increased efficiency = Reduce waste of time = Cost reduction- Now who wouldn’t want an employee like that? *wink*

#5. To read more- Knowledge is power. A book a month shouldn’t be too difficult now. Would it? J

#6. To make time for friends and family- Spending time with family and friends are so important and by that I mean by quality time. Watching tv together doesn’t really count. So holla me when you are free!

#7. To blog more frequently- I will try to blog more frequently and come up with more interesting things to blog about.

These are my goals for 2009! I’ll do a review next year to see if I can really achieve these goals.

What are your New Years resolutions? Let’s stay motivated to achieve our new year’s resolutions!

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Have a FANTABULOUS year ahead!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Best Friend’s Wedding- Part 2

It’s unbelievable how time really flies and the wedding day of my bestie has arrived. It felt like yesterday when we were still in school playing kiddy games instead of paying attention in class. We were only 10 back then. It has been more than a decade since and a whole lot has change. Mostly for the better.

The beautiful bride

Totally Hillarious!

Gabe in disposable panties, the games we (the chi muis) played in the morning

Georgians at the Church Reception

J & S

We’re part of JMEG’S

The Dinner Reception with the Beautiful Bride

Chee mun looking sizzling HOT

Ee Mei, Autumn, Jomay (classmates of F2 Topez)

Melvin and the babes

Another dearie of mine, Hoilee

We get so crazy whenever we are sat together. The never ending ‘fights’ and ‘sarcasms’ kept us entertained through out the night! Hoilee, you need to be back in penang to lepak with me! I enjoyed your company so much. It’s been a while since we last had so much fun together.

It felt so much like prom night. *Tee hee* we we’re so busy taking pics we hardly had time to eat.

Georgians class of 02’ @ Eunice’s wedding dinner reception.

Sweet Leeli and I

Jomay-Dazzling as always on the red carpet!

Me and mua lovely June dressed almost identically (unplanned) but we don’t mind it at all coz we have been dressing identically since we were 7. Lol. Great minds do think alike!

We’re bringing sexy back!

From left: Kelvin, Pamela,Autumn, John

Pam and Kelvin will be getting married soon too!! Congrats girl!

Cant wait for your turn!

Finally, a picture with the bride!

You have been waiting for this day all your life! So so happy for you babe.

The newlyweds and the girls!

All together now!

We had such a blast! We’re not only happy to be able to share the joy of the wedding with EuniceO but also to be able to catch up with high school pals!

What could have been better?

EuniceO, the wedding went so well!

And once again, Congrats to you and Gabe! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Can’t wait to be the god mom of your kids! *tee Hee*

This is indeed a wonderful way to wrap up 2008!

Monday, December 29, 2008

23 memorable moments of 2008

2008 has been such a great year for me. It’s one of the best years I have ever had and I wish that 2009 will be even greater!

Here are 23 memorable moments.

A walk down memory lane:


#1. The year started off with a big bang at Gin’s house party!

Autumn, Boss Stewie and Gin kicking off 2008!


#2. Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner SGGS class of 02’

#3.Received 2 bouquets of flowers at the office on Valentine’s day!

*The joy of being single!!


#4.All expenses paid company trip to Pangkor Island with Dellians

#5.Another all expenses paid company trip to Hadyai.

Gosh, I love working with this bunch of girls!


The girls and bossy Brad


#6. Attended Cheng Beng. Been skipping the event for many years as I was studying in Adelaide.

#7.Resigned from Dell

Had to resign from Dell coz I had to serve my bond with the company that I am currently working with. It was such a great experience working with a group of young and dynamic people!

-Hitting the clubs for my farewell-

From left: Joane, Melody, Grace, Me

The Happening Dellians

Note: Average age of employees- 26 years old

#8.Holiday get-away to Redang Island

-needed to chill before I started my new job *wink*

More More Tea Inn

Mum, Dad and I


#9.Joined Renesas

See the drastic and major difference in the age group of people that I work with? That took some time to get me adjusted. But it’s all good now. All the aunties and uncles are awesome in their own way.

Note: Average age of employees:45 years old

#10.Went for World Music Fest @ Botanical Gardens. Spent 50 freaking dollars for the event and it turned out to be below expectations.. *disappointed*

#11.Joined the Gym in an attempt to get toned but stopped after 3 months. Talk about perseverance. HmmMm.. That’s something that I need to work on.


#12.Celebrated my birthday at sunset bistro

Ofcoz my bestie was there

And all of my wholesome friends!

#13.Had my portrait taken by Weng Khit.


#14.Started Totally Autumn

It’s my pride and joy!

bloging is something that I really enjoy doing.

#15.started clubbing weekly

mun, and Cyn are my clubbing kaki of 08!

Thanks for being there for me for so many occasions ie. supporting me all the way for the SIA interview :)

Thanks for all the fun times sistaz!


#16.Went for interview with SIA and got the job


#17.Started giving tuitions


#19.Had another photo shoot session by Joie


#20.Headed to Singapore for Eunice’s bachelorette party


#21.Bali Trip

#22.Celebrated xmas with EuniceO

Just a casual night out with my bestie @ Babylon.

#23.Attended EuniceO’s Wedding.

Morning Session @ Bride’s house with the Chi Muis

Congrats babe! So happy for you! You and Gabe are such a handsome couple!

Good bye 2008! Hello 2009!

I have a feeling 2009 will just be greater!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays!

I wished i had a fire place!

Pressies :)

And the streets filled with lighting and a sprinkle of snow flakes

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Spending time with your love ones during Christmas would be the greatest gift!

-Xmas 05’ Detroit, Michigan-

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all my peeps and family!

P/s: Autumn will be having xmas dinner with family and spending quality time with my bride to be bestiee!! What are the rest of you doing for Xmas? *grinnnnn*