Monday, March 30, 2009

-Living in Style-

Guess what I did last Saturday besides going for Cheng Beng? No, it isn’t clubbing. To be honest I haven’t clubbed for more than a month! Clubbing is getting boring. It’s always the same old stuff, week after week and for a girl like me who always wanna try new stuff and loves excitement. I decided to try out something new last weekend.

Autumn in style with her golf club.

So damn bergaya right?



At the driving range.

Not an easy game.

It takes effort getting the right posture. And my posture is obviously cacated.

Well, here are the 3 simple steps getting it right:

Step 1: Position yourself to make sure that the golf ball is at the centre. Aim and Focus on the golf ball.

Step 2: Do Your Thang… SWING IT BABY>>>

Step 3: Make sure you hit the golf ball.. coz guess what? I actually missed the ball after the swing multiple times. LOL. Yes.. I am a noobie!

Step 4: Make sure you strike a pose at the end of the swing… =)

And that’s how it’s done!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Qing Ming Week

I am not the religious kind, neither am I the holy kind. I do not really understand what the Taoist/ Buddhist teaching is all about but I do love activities which bring the whole family together. And Cheng Beng or Qing Ming is one of the yearly activities that do just that- A small family reunion.

Yesterday, my family of 4 got up at 6 plus in the morning just for this occasion. Mind you it’s a Saturday morning and I slept at 1am the night before. Saturday mornings are always precious but I was just as excited as a 4 year old getting a new Barbie doll for this event.

Autumn happily carrying a bag of new clothing’s for Ah Chor during Cheng Beng.

Notice that it’s still dark when we arrived at the graveyard.

A few families have already started praying to their forefathers.

Daddy and I waiting for grandma to give us instructions for our task today.

-The neighbours-

Autumn with the colourful flagssss…

Doing my bit to help out.

Lynn and I beautifying the cemetery.

The whole family doing their part.

Almost done!!!

My Great Grandparent’s Burial Ground.

For some reason, the graveyard does not give me the creepy feeling.

It’s great to see all the relatives that I hardly see throughout the year. I guess that’s the reason behind Qing Ming. To bring all the families back together. My great grand parents must be proud to see all of us growing up healthy and well.

Happy Cheng Beng week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing SIMS CITY over the weekend

Gosh.. Time just passes by so quickly and before you know it, it’s the WEEKEND! I lurve the weekends! It felt like just yesterday when I was just a lil girl with pig tails and before you know it, I am already a grown lady conquering the corporate ladder making my own bucks. I remember I used to envy my friends who had fanciful stationeries back in school and I wish I had a lil more pocket money. Earning my own bucks does feel gooood.. :D

Now that we have just started working and accumulating some bucks. What do we do with it? Some choose spend on shopping for clothes. Some prefer traveling and exploring all around. Some would spend on keeping fit and shapely. Some choose to invest. There are so many things that we could do. If only we had a lil more ka ching $$$

This weekend I will be accompanying Eunice to shop!! ekekek.. Hopefully this time we’ll find something we like! And our destination is weekend would be at……

Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)!

There will be a property held at PISA from tomorrow onwards till Sunday.

With the economic downturn, i hope that the prices of properties in penang will tilt down a lil. And perhaps I can help Eunice pick her love nest. Ngek Ngek Ngek.. would be really awesome if we could be neighbours and my kids can always go over to aunt Eunice’s place to play.. haha.. *yes, me and my crazy day dreams*

Am sorta excited to see what’s around. It’s like playing SIMS but just in real life! WaYyyY Cool!!

Gosh.. wouldn’t it be nice if I can afford my very own placeee…

It’s finally Friday! Have fun!

Coz I know I will.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clap. Bang. Kiss

Yes that was what happened during lunch. *Clap. Bang. Kiss* It was a super HOT Wednesday afternoon! So hot I almost melted. My eyes could barely open when I got out from the car. A part of me regretted for not choosing to just stay at the canteen to have lunch instead.

While I was satisfying my hunger at the makan place… there was a screeching sound which prolonged for 10 seconds and the it happened *CLAP>BANG>KISS*

-Car accident at Bayan Baru-

Yikes!! The kancil hit a stationary car by the road. The accident caused quite a bit of road congestion. Moments later, the police came to issue all the stationary cars which were parked along the road a nice lil summon. *served them right!*

-Road Congestion after the accident-

Lucky thing no one was hurt. If there was a pedestrian standing by the car, it would have been fatal. Got me thinking how unpredictable life can be at times. A single moment could change your life forever! There is no harm in taking extra precaution while you’re on the road. It could save lives.

Lesson for the day:-

Live life to the fullest!

Work like you don't need the money;
dance like no one is watching;
sing like no one is listening;
love like you've never been hurt;
and live life every day as if it were your last.

Don’t let a single moment go to waste, coz life is to short.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mobile Boutique

So everyone is going mobile. We have mobile phones, streamyx mobility, automobile, etcetera etcetera. Anyway, after dinner on a Sunday evening with my family, and I decided to go for a stroll along the famous Gurney Drive. And guess what? I spotted this….

Looks like an ordinary big yellow lorry parking by the side of the road along Gurney Drive right? Well take a 2nd look. And this is what is really is..

A Mobile Boutique on a Lorry

It’s parked on a car park lot close to the famous Hawker Centre at Gurney Drive!

What a brilliant idea! A boutique on the go and could be easily relocated anytime! It sparked curiosity and there were many people who actually checked it out.

They installed fans in it to keep it cool. A roof after the lorry so that sales could go on no matter rain or shine. Sound system to just entertain the customer while browsing thru the line of clothing’s that they have and best of all.. they have even got a fitting room! What a creative and brilliant idea! The sort of clothes that they carry are the sort that you would find in lower end fashion boutiques. The clothes that they carry doesn’t look to shabby but don’t expect high quality products. Prices are relatively reasonable as well! They have just stared their mobile boutique about a week ago!

I didn’t buy anything from them but it sure impressed me! This may be the next ‘IN’ thing.

This is just so cool!

I bet this concept never crossed your mind!

It totally WOW-ed me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dominos Pizza Guy

Last nite was a regular Saturday nite and I just came back after a whole day of team building. Muscles were aching and I was dead tired. As much as I wanted to eat out, I was feeling really lazy and I didn’t wanna dress up. Decided on just getting Dominos Pizza instead. Went online. Checked on their selection of choices. And ordered it thru the phone. The telephone operator said that it will take about 30 mins to be delivered..

It was only about 15 mins later when I heard my dearest dog- buffy barking like a mad cow.. (OoOopss. Since when do cow’s bark LOL)* and I thought to myself, Wow.. that’s quick! Only 15 mins!* and then the doorbell rang a few seconds later and that was when buffy’s barking went crazier.

Ignoring his crazy barking, I went ahead and unlock the door so that I can get my pizza. Just as I unlocked the door, buffy dashed out of the gate and ran out of the house. I chased after buffy and that’s when I saw the dominos pizza guy who happens to be a malay was so terrified, he climbed up the tree with the pizza box in his hands. LOL.. I wonder how did that? *ROFL* I guess he thought it would was a big dog running after him the barking sounded so ferocious.. to his surprise its just a small lil poodle. Wakaka.

My beloved Buffy Boi

I laughed so hard… and I really pitied the poor guy. As if working on a Saturday nite wasn’t bad enough, he was scared by a lil dog and had to climb up the tree. Poor thing.. I should have tipped him a lil extra. Poor guy. I guess it’s not easy being a pizza guy. Not only do they need to make sure that delivery is on time and that the pizza’s remain fresh and hot. But they also have to know their way around different locations and risk being attacked by dogs. Luckily this time, Buffy boi is tiny imagine if it was a Labradoodle instead.LoL.

OoHh.. I just watched Marley and Me last nite.. was sOoOoo great! Made me love my buffy boi even more.. Double thumbs up for the movie! Me love me doggieee!! I guess my doggie isn’t such a bad dog after all…


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first attempt: Smokey Eye

I have always wanted to try putting on smokey eye but somehow I always end up having panda eyes instead. Since I’ve got time in hand, I decided to practice on perfecting my smokey eye.

And here’s the result..

**drum rolls**

Taa Daaa…

-Green based Smokey eye-

Notice that both the top lid and lower lid is drawn with liquid eye liner. It’s my first attempt on drawing my lower lid with liquid eye liner. Not perfect.. and not too bad I guess. Ekek. I prefer liquid eye liners over pencil ones coz they can last all day and it doesn’t get smudged and turn your eye into a panda eye. Especially for people who have heavy eye bags like me. We really don’t need smudges to enhance the eye bags.

*pai seh.. my brows are not drawn coz I was just practising on the smokey eye. Would have been nicer if I had a hint of eye brow pencil drawn on the brows.

Here are the products which I used to achieve the smokey eye

1. Body Shop’s Shimmer Smudger’s Shade 7 (Limited Edition) RM49.00

It was Mun who recommended me this product! Thanks Mun! I am still practicing on how to use this coz it can get a lil messy at times with dark coloured shimmer power flaking on my cheeks. I guess it’s a really good product. I just need to learn how to use it.

2. Body Shop Shimmer Palette (Limited Edition) RM85.00

This is a 5 coloured shimmer palette ranging from Gold (light) to Green (Dark). They have 2 sets of colours for this range. This is more for day time make up and they also have a darker coloured palette which would be more suitable for night make up.

3. Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow RM180.00

I have also blended in the colours from Chanel’s eye Shadow. I absolutely heart this 4 coloured palette coz the colours come up really easily and I can blend the colours for day or night make up. Absolutely perfectt!!

And the best part is, it comes in a really compact form and I can just slip it into my tiny clutch bag!

4.Lancome L’Extreme Mascara RM93.00

Just bought this mascara about a week ago. It’s non waterproof but it does lengthen my lashes significantly. =)

5.The Face Shop’s Liquid Eye Liner Rm55.00

This is the third stick that I have bought. I really like this eye liner. Very long lasting. All I have to do is sapu once and it would last thru out the day! Seriously! A must have in every make up bag.

Can’t wait to try the smokey eye the next time I hit the clubs.

Do share with me more techniques as it’s only my first attempt..

No harm exchanging notes to look extra hot on a night out right?

OhHHh.. we’ve already passed mid-week…

I can almost smell the weekendddd…


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Shopping Spreee..

I finally had a dose of retail therapy last night with Eunice and Gabe. Was just a short trip to get myself some thing to wear. Got myself 2 tops. Nothing fancy. Just the casual tops that I could wear out any day.

The most important item that I got from the trip was….

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job by Dale Carnegie.

MPH book store at Gurney Plaza is currently having a book fair at the concourse area and you get 20% off if you’re a MPH member or a DIGI subscriber. Lucky for me! I subscribe to DIGI. There are a wide variety of books which are all on sale! From teen fiction, romance, horror, self help, autobiographies, colouring books and many more. Should seriously head over to gurney to take advantage of the cheappy books.

See even when I go shopping. I shop wisely..

Ngek Ngek Ngek.

So I picked my book and headed to the counter only to realise that the price tag are all before discount!! WoOohOoOo…

Which mean my book only cost 25 buckss…


All I had to do to be entitled for the discount was flash my phone and show the cashier that I am a Digi user and I automatically get 20% off.

Senang right??

Cant wait to start reading the book!

One of my new years resolution was to at least read a book each month. This is just my 2nd book for the year 2009, that means I am one month behind time.. Yikes. Shall speed up and ensure that my reading is up to date. Ekek.

Here’s a sneak peek of the book.

You probably spend forty percent of your waking time working. Are you enjoying it as much as you cold?

How to enjoy your life and your job is filled with inspiring stories of people from homemakers to billionaires who have conquered boredom, frustration and fatigue, and have gone on to successful, fulfilling lives. Dale Carnegie’s proven techniques have helped millions to develop an overall sense of harmony and purpose, and to learn the secrets of top performance:

· Discover the four essential work habits you need to succeed

· Find out what makes you tired and what you can do about it

· If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive

· Give honest, sincere appreciation- don’t criticize, condemn or complain

· Become genuinely interested in other people

· Call attention to mistakes indirectly let the person save face

Sounds like a good read right?

Will share the useful tips once I have gone thru the book.

Teee Heee..

Monday, March 16, 2009

ItchyYyY.. ItchHh.. ItchH..

I haven’t shopped for the longest time. The last time I purchase an apparel was about 3 months ago.. and dressing up has been depressing coz I have nothing to wear.. =( I know I should be saving due to the current economic condition but I really can’t help myself. I feel like I really need to shop!

So tonite will be the night that I splurge a lil on myself.. I guess it does no harm when you love yourself a lil more. I am going shopping!!!