Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Dimples by JJ and Charlene.

My sister recommended this song to me some weeks ago and I couldn’t stop giggling from the moment I heard it. I thought it was so cheesy and corny but oh so true. I guess that’s how it feels when one is in love. I guess I am one of those lucky ones!

It’s already mid week! This weekend would be my last weekend of freedom before classes starts =( Boo HoOo so if there are any happening events happening this do invite mEeeeEee~~ coz I would so wanna enjoy my very last weekend!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Shoutouts!

I have not been bloging coz I just didn’t bother to. Don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am just so moody lately. Every small thing that does not go according to plan pisses me off. I am aware of my crazy mood swings and I am trying my level best to keep it all under control. Maybe it’s the crazy weather that gets me agitated. Or it could be my diet. I’m still burping frequently; in fact I think the number of times that I burped has increase to about 40-50 times a day. It still annoys me but I just do not know how to stop it. My facial complexion has deteriorated significantly with outbreaks.

I guess I seriously have to start eating right…HmMmM..


Not to forget today is Chee Mun’s BIRTHDAYY!! Happy 24th Dear! I wish you great happiness from now to eternity!! But I know damn well that you are happier than ever! *wink wink*

Us girls at Mun’s 24th BBQ party!

Thanks for inviting MUN!


Also, my very hot friend Grace will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, so here’s a birthday shout out to you in advance!!


With the rest of the Dellian Girls and a very HAMSAP looking KOWA in the background.

LOL. Just kidding.. he is a very nice guy. =)


I had so much fun with you girls during the weekend!!

LOVE you guys to pieces!!!

Let’s have another round this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get together dinner @ DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bayan Point

Wow Woww… Before you know it its past mid week again and it’s almost Friday! The day I look forward to week after week. I totally love weekends coz its when I get to go chill with friends, eat good food, and spend quality time with loved ones and family!

Last weekend was an awesome weekend. Did a lot of stuff and one of the highlights of the weekend was meeting up with my ex roomies!! Haven’t seen them for a while. We’re just so preoccupied with our own lives. But it’s so great that each and every one of us takes the extra effort to meet up despite our hectic schedules.

Venue of our get together was at the all new DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant at Bayan Point. It just had its opening launch about a week ago and we were all dying to try out the new place.

DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant.

It’s menu offers a variety of yummilicious Korean cuisine.

-A peek into the menu-

Notice the gadget used to take our orders? So canggih!!!

SuTing and her beau, Wallace deciding on what to order. The stuff that they ordered were really good! Great choice guys!! Hehehe..

At first we were abit worried that the amount of food that we ordered would not be enough. But guess what? All the food that you see on the pic above were appetizers on the house! Our tables were filled up even before the stuff that we ordered arrived!!

BBQ meat. Notice how clean the grills are? They change the grill every time a new dish arrives. They changed the grill at least 5-6 times throughout our meal! Excellent service I must say!! And they even bbq the food stuff for us! We didn’t have to do a thing! All we had to do was eat! Hahaha

BBQ lamb! This was really juicy and yummy!! I love lamb!!

Autumn enjoying the HOT POT!! Was really really good! This hot pot was my favourite dish for the night!

Suting and I

-Autumn, Pei Chin and Suting-

We were roommates/housemates for 3 years! That our whole uni life together!!

Time really flies and now we’re all leading our new money making life.

-Our men-

This is our very first outing together with our beau!

-All of us-

Notice how many bowls and plates are there!! Gosh! It was so full we barely had enough place to put the dishes! But the we all enjoyed the food! I really liked it!

I loved everything there is about this restaurant. Not only is the food yummy. I really like the ambience of the restaurants. We were all seated on tatami style, each and every table are placed quite a distance away which makes it comfortable for us to chat and giggle as much as we like. It’s really a great place for catching up! The service was excellent. Even though the whole place was packed and all the tables were fully seated, the service was still excellent. There were so many workers waiting on our tables. Even the head chef was really friendly! He introduces himself to us and briefed us on the background of the restaurant. He is fully imported from Korea!! =)


I really had a great time! Great food with great people!

What else can I ask for?

Let’s do this sometime soon again girls!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help mE! I can’t stop burping!

For some reason, I am burping an awful lot lately. I used to scowl whenever SS burps. It’s so disgusting and totally annoying! But for the past few days I’ve been burping just so much! I think the number of times I burp a day is equivalent to the number of times I’ve burped a WHOLE year! =(

I just don’t know what’s wrong with me!! I burp at least 20-35 times a day and that is totally disgusting and unacceptable. I can’t seem to control myself and actually stop burping.. And to make matters worst, when I told SS about it all he did was laugh at me and said “Now you know!! Thanks for unfriendly glare whenever I burp” Urghhh.. I cant stand myself..

Somebody help me!! There has got to be a way to stop this!

Should I be concerned over this matter and perhaps see a doctor???

BURPPpPpPppP… I just did it again!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lexy Bear got hitched. =)

-Lexy Chilling out on her comfy bean bag-

This is Lexy Bear. It’s a cool chill out and take it easy lil teddy which I place on my work desk just to remind me not to sweat the small stuff and to take things easily at work. Sometimes it calms me down just knowing that ‘no issue is an issue, until you make it an issue’.

But some days I am just so annoyed by Lexy Bear coz it looks so damn happy and relaxed when I am freaking stress and frustrated. I just wanna HIT it and HURT it REAL BAD!! *ekek.. I am a sadist*

Anyway one day, Lexy-the fat hiao po bear decided to start getting acquainted with other friends in the neighbourhood and got hitch.

-Lexy Bear and her African American Dude-

And now I am a proud mama with a new son in law bunking at my place.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking the Plunge

It’s been almost 2 years since I graduated with my Degree. Since then I have been back in penang working in large MNCs. Working life has its own set of pros and cons. Love the money which I can spend on lil luxuries but dislike the work culture/environment that I am in. I guess there’s always opportunity costs with everything in life.

After working for 2 years I have finally decided to step into a new phase of life..=)

I have always wanted to take the plunge.

Braise yourself people…






No I am NOT getting married.

I am going back to school LAH! I have just recently enrolled myself in an MBA course and class commences next month. I have been procrastinating to take this course coz I was just too lazy and just couldn't be bothered. But I guess this is the right time to do it coz if not now then when??

A glimpse of intellectual Autumn. =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another ClapBangKiss

This time it hit close to home. My grandma got involved with a road accident about a week ago. Poor grandma was driving home from her shop when a 10 wheeler-A FREAKING 10 WHEELER came and crash into poor granny’s SLK-(Small Lil Kenari). Grandma must have been so scared. If it was me I would have gone temporarily mentally insane.

Photos of the aftermath

Aiks..Car looks perfectly alright from the passenger side

Surprisingly…Looks very shinny and new from the rear view too~

-Front View-

If you think this is bad… Check out the rest of the photos.

From the back signal lights to the front signal lights is scrapped by the 10 wheeler.

Even the side Mirror came off and the lorry actually tore the body of the car. Thank god grandma was alright.

With just a few inches difference, the lorry would have hurt grandma.

Despite the damage, I am just glad that grandma is alright.

Apparently, the 10 wheeler’s break was not working and it could not break when the driver saw my grandma’s stationary car waiting at the junction. Served him right that he was issued with a RM300 summon. On my opinion the amount of the summon was not enough! It could have killed someone on the road!! %#$@@$%^% It could have caused someone’s life! DAMN THOSE DRIVERS!! Who do they think they are?? Just because it’s a large vehicle it can just do anything it wants????

I seriously hope there would be more public awareness on the issue of road safety. The government cant control and check every single vehicle if the breaks are functioning well. Each and every one of us should do our part on ensuring that the vehicle is not only safe for us but everyone on the road. It doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions but it kills when we’re reckless.

Since this accident, I have stopped hanging on the phone unless I’m using the hands free car kit. I realised that it’s no joke being reckless on the road. It really ain’t worth it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mid Year Review.

It’s almost mid year now. That’s half way through 2009. I should have accomplished at least half of my New Year resolutions by now. Lemme see what my New Year resolutions were and what have I accomplished to date.

#1. To make more money- No I haven’t been making any additional income. In fact my income has decreased in 2009 since I quit giving tuition classes. And to make matters worst, my spending has increased. Been splurging on gadgets and other non essential stuff. Looks like its time to review my finances.

#2.To live a healthier life style- I have only been to the clubs 2-3 times this year. Significantly cut down on alcohol consumption and hit the gym more frequently this year. So looks like resolution number 2 is still on track. But I am sure there is still ample space for improvements.

#3. To be more organized- Have been more organized than I was previously. Clean up my room more frequently and improved on time management skills.

#4. To be more efficient at work- Am trying to be more motivated to work but I still have a long way to go in order to be employee of the year

#5. To read more- Have not read much. Only browsed through 3 books this year. Still a long way to go.

#6. To make time for friends and family- The only friend that I meet up frequently is Eunice. I ought to make time for more friends! Coffee anyone?? Give me a jingle!! Have been having dinner at home more frequently this year but I still gotta put effort on quality time spent

#7. To blog more frequently- Will try to stay on track for resolutions number 7.

I still have another 6 more months to go before the year ends. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish great things this year.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fully Furnished Leader Garden Apartment For Sale.

It’s asking price is at 325k negotiable. 1000+ squarefeet. (sorry don’t exactly remember the measurements). Freehole property located at Taman Chee Seng, Tanjung Bungga. This unit is on the 1st floor on the high rise building. Facilities include children’s room, gym, swimming pool, tennis court, security guards. The standard of the facilities however has lots of room for improvement especially the swimming pool coz when we were there; the colour of the water in the pool was almost green! I swear it looked like a swamp more than a pool. But maybe it was just that day that the colour of the water looked funny… who knows.

I visited this property about 2 weeks ago so I am not quite sure if it’s still available. Found this property via mudah.com.

Apparently this property is purchased by a Singaporean interior designer, which explains the fancy looking interior. All furniture is first hand and has not been used before.

Here are the pics. =)

Hall area.

I really like the floral wall paper. Looks really ‘IN’ but i have a feeling this design is gonna be dated. As in it’ll go out of fashion within a couple of years.

The master bedroom with it’s built in wardrobe.

The master bedroom from a different angle.

Autumn cam-whoring AGAIN =)

Dining area

Kitchen area

Found ads of this unit from HERE

Didn’t actually intend to blog about this piece of property but changed my mind after realizing that it these pieces of details may be useful to others.

This entry is especially for Doris.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Momma’s Day!

It’s mother’s day again! It’s the time to wish every momma in the world “Happy Momma’s Day!”

This year my family and I celebrated mother’s day a lil different from the past. With Granddad getting weaker as each day goes by, we can’t really go out for nice meals at restaurants with the whole family like we used to. Therefore we brought the whole party back home instead.

The whole plan was really last minute.. Lucky thing it all turned out well and everyone had fun!

Mother’s day 2009 at Grandparents house where we had a barbeque cookout together as a family. =)

Here are the pictures for the night:-

3 bouquets of carnations that SS and I specially picked as a gift for the 3 mother’s at the mother’s day cookout. Thanks SS. Thanks for helping me out and making the whole night possible.

The 3 happy mothers.

From left: Kuku, Ah Ngen, and Mummy.

The girls in the Leong family.

Mummy and her baby girls.

Happy aunty with son and hubby.

-Mi Happy familia-

Last but not least Grandma and all of us.

To Mommy Dearest:-

Somehow we always say the least
to those we love the best
And hope our thoughts
are understood.
Although they're unexpressed -
That's why it means
so very much,
when days like this are here
To say how very much
you're loved
each day throughout the year.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tonight, I’ll be attending another mother’s day dinner. This time it’s with Ss’s family. It’s also my first time meeting the family. Feeling very nervous and I pray and hope they like me. The dinner is not until 7 tonight. In case you’re reading this before 7pm please give me all the tips I need!