Monday, June 22, 2009

My GREATEST 24th Surprise Birthday Party Bash!!

The BESTEST boyfriend and my GREATEST friends in the whole wide world have been planning for my 24th Birthday Party bash for the whole month behind my back!~ even when I almost found out they had ways to convince me that the party isn’t happening.

About a month ago when I was playing with SS’s phone, I noticed that there was an sms from my sis mentioning about some birthday party. When I asked him about it, he said it was some planning that he had in mind for my birthday but it wasn’t happening anymore coz we’re going for a vaykay on my birthday instead. I thought okay.. Made sense. So I just put the thought aside.

Several weeks later, when I was logged on to facebook I came across this really ‘weird’ message on my inbox about my birthday party. I was a bit puzzled about the conversation because it involved many of my friends and I wasn’t inform about the party at all only to realise that I have accidentally logged into SS’s facebook because he forgot to log off his fb account on my laptop. HAHA. Gotcha this time!! I was sure that this party was definitely on! But when I confronted SS about it, his defence was that the party was already called off (due to the vaykay) and he forgot to mention it to my friends that it was already cancelled. To further convince me that the party was REALLY off, Eunice even invited me for dinner to belanja me. Her excuse was that since the party was off she just wanted to treat me.. I was like.. HmMm.. ok.. quite convincing and during dinner Eunice kept scolding SS for cancelling the party without their knowledge. And to add to their credibility they even got me a birthday cupcake for my so called ‘bday dinner’.

SS and I on my fake bday dinner.

So convincing right.. somemore got cake wor.. and she told me that she’ll be pushing off to kl on my birthday weekend. Memang drama queen hor.. I believed her kao kao..

I did not suspect anything at all till a few hours before the party and before I went for my class, my ex-colleague (Jovern) text me:- “Hey Sister, tonite’s party can I bring my gf along?”. I was like ?????? WHAT PARTY?? That’s when I started feeling that hmMMmM.. maybe something is going on tonite. But he replied “Oh, sorry sorry. Send msg to wrong person both persons name also starts with S” I was like HmMmM… ok.. i just put that thought aside and went on to invite the rest of the JMEGS group for dinner at 32 instead since all of them are back.. Lil J said she would meet me at 32 after my class. E said she’ll be heading to KL before evening so she will not join us. G had something on and will only join us a lil later. I didn’t manage to get hold on M but lil J assured me that she’ll give M a call..

Was glad that I’ve planned for myself a happening night with my friends! But right before SS fetched me to my class his cell rang and there was an SMS from my mum.. I was like REALLY CONFUSED and PUZZLED… why the hell is my mum texting SS for??? I didn’t manage to read the whole sms but I was convinced that something is definitely going on.. but I just wasnt 100% sure coz I’ve already had plans with my girls after class.. This is all so WEIRD>>>

I went to attend my class anyway.. After class SS came to pick me up and suddenly there was a mysterious phone call. According to him, his sis needs him to send a cheque/document to SP SETIA office. It was almost 8pm!! The office would have been closed by then.. bit and pieces of the information were all falling into place. He was taking me to SP setia.. and I guess that’s where the party is but still I wasn’t too sure… I didn’t dare to think too much coz I didn’t wanna get disappointed plus I just finished my 6 hour classes and I was dressed very casually and looked like crap. If there was a party he would at least let me change and dress up a lil.

Several minutes later we arrived at SP Setia . When we were at the car park I started seeing cars with familiar number plates.. That’s when I was like… HmMmMMM.. SOMETHING is seriously WEIRDDD… What are my friends cars doing here??

That was when it all happened!!! I walked down the stairs of the club house and I saw all of my friends with their party hats and whistles!! I was so SHOCKEDD>> All of my good friends from primary school friends to high school mates to college mates to uni mates to colleagues were all there!! Even those who were currently working in KL were standing right there… GOSHH.. I was blushing like mad and for a moment I wanted to cry.. I cant believe that it was all happening!! Then I saw cyn running towards me to capture pics.. and then it occurred to me that I was still in rags!! Then SS turned to me and told me not too worry coz he got all that settled. He went back to the car and got a whole bag of stuff for me.. I wanted to cry even more.. the whole bag was really comprehensive.. It had a new dress which he bought for me just for the night.. all my make up which he packed up from my home. He even brought my strapless bra and a clutch bag!! Is he the GREATEST OR WHATTT?? Its gonna be tough for anyone to beat that!!

Here are the pictures of the rest of the night!!!

Enjoy it coz I sure did!!!

The first photo of the night. Still in the state of shock but feeling very happy.. Terawang-awang di udara. LOL.

Baby girl Cyn got me a tiara!! I really felt like a princesss!!

Princessa Autumn and Hot babe Cyn

These chikas are sizzlinggg!!

Showing off our pearly whites!

Thank you so much Cyn, Leeli, June and grace for coming back all the way from kl!

You girls are just fabulous!!

The girls I used to sleep with!! LOL.

All of us were roomies back in Taylors College..

Gosh time fliess!!

Enjoying ourselves! You guys are just AWESOMEEEE beyond words!

Hottie Mun and I.

Babe! We need to catch up!! Make time for meeeeee!!

My lovely sis and I.

Part of the komplot for making all this possible =D

Thanks lynn.. She didn’t give out a hint that she was involved in this the whole time.. There were times when I asked her over and over.. is there a party on?? And she just answered me with a blank face.. “WHAT PARTY?? NO LAHHHH”

Together with my hottie friend and boyfriend!

My beautifully crafted cake from Swens!! Beautifully crafted edible roses.

Really sweet horr??

All set to slice of the cake.. WAKAKAKA…

Pei Chin and Su Ting helping me out with the cake cutting..

Yy taking pics when he is sober! Big difference from the usual him!

With our party hats!

With muh Dellian ppl!

Me and muh BIATCH!!

Grace and her one sided pointy boob. Ekek.

Our pointy boobiesss. Can poke wan k!!

Cyn lickin it!

Undeniably babelicious!!

Ah Soh and Ah Hai.


The love birds!

Jackson and I. He’s such a cutie hor??

We are all cancerians!! The crabby people!!

Grace and Veronica.

You know where to go when you wanna look for babes!

Its all in Dell!

I bet all of you guys are dying of jealousyyy…

JOVO the joker! One of the few who kindda pecah tembelang!

In need of entao bas? They’re my ex dellian colleagues!

You know where to find them. =)

GUYSS>> stop droolingg~~~


Georgianzzz!! It was so great catching up!!!

Me lub lub lub you girls!!

The hot MAMAS?? Lol.. *Grace aint preggers..

The adelaidean girls with our boys! The photographer tot we looked too un loving.. like it was a group pic.

So we took a more loving shot instead.. =D Jealous kan??

My wonderful roomies and flatmates!

SGGS babes!! I am just so touched!!

Thanks baby! Thank you so much for being the mastermind behind all this!!

I love you!!

Thank you so much I really felt like a princes and this is the bestest birthday party bash EVER!!


Thank you!! Thank all of you! Thanks for making all this possible!! You guys really RAWK!! It couldn’t have been greater! Thanks for making time for me! You have no idea how fantastic you people are!

I have the GREATEST people around me and I just love you guys to every bit and pieces!!

For those who didn’t make it, thank you so much for your greetings!!

AhHhhHH… Told you I’m the luckiest EarthLink!!!

*off to bed with all smilessss… it’s a great weekend after all!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I is Grouchyyyyyy~~~

I have literally been counting down to the hours for Friday to finally arrive but when it finally did, I chose to ruin it with my temperamental mood swings..

Am just so grouchy!!!

May the rest of the weekend be a lil better…


On another note, class is starting today and I haven’t even printed out the lecture notes nor done any preps for it. BLeRhHhHh… Guess I would need to catch up on that within this few hours.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blissfully Autumn

There are 101 reasons to be unhappy and discontented with life. Some days I am so sick of what I am doing that I wonder if I will ever make it thru. Some days it feels like my ear would bleed profusely if I hear another word of negativity. But regardless of how bad things are, we will surpass it. The phase would soon be over. And eventually it will all be ok.

I am making a vow to remain positive regardless of the circumstances. To see the good in people and give them the benefit of doubt, they too have their bad days and their circumstances. To believe that goodness does exist and regardless of what I’m in, I will be able to excel.

It’s easier said than done, when things go wrong we just want to correct them immediately and at times we make a big fuss about something trivial. We forget that every encounter was meant to make us wiser, to make us a better person.

Negativity is the queen of all evil. Why not make our lives a lil simpler, a lil happier? We deserve it after all.

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."

- George Bernard Shaw

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hitting the Social Scene

I have disappeared from the clubbing scene for a while and I know Cyn will either kill me or disown as her friend if I don’t start showing up. So being the nice bff that I am I made the effort to not only show up but also chauffeured princess Cyn to our usual spot

-Cyn and I on our way to UPR-

*The hotties enjoying themselves*

If we don’t rock the social scene, then who doess??

Comical Jenny and Cyn playin the keyboard =D

The socialites of penang posing for the paparazzi

Almost tipsy mun and I

-SS and the babes-

SS and I


Why does weekends always ends so fast??

Till the next weekend..