Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Body to Die For

Boy oh Boy. I sure wished I had a body to die for..

Does anyone really have it easy and just naturally have a nice slim figure? I guess everyone has their problem point. It’s usually on their thighs, arms, tummy or buttocks and it’s as annoying as ever! Why can’t these fats diversify its location and average it out everywhere?? *Laughs at herself*

The pressure of being slim and looking sexy is everywhere, but do you succumb to it? Or do you starve yourself and literally not eat for days just so that you can shed that few pounds? I’ve always thought that I would have my ideal figure if I shed a couple of kilos. That has been my aim for the past gazillion years and to date I am still stuck with the same old weight and probably gained a few kilos along the way.. *rushed to the weighing machine weighed myself and found out that I actually put on ONE kilo!!*

Forgive me for my vain-ness but this is all because I have so many slim friends all around me. And to make matters worst, my preggers bestie is even slimmer than I am.. *now I really feel like shooting meself in the head*

Question: What’s the easiest way to loose weight?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess Who’s Back? HOILEE’s Back!

Yes! HOILEE’S Back! The last time I saw hoilee was all the way back during Chinese New Year! And I was just overjoyed to know that I’ll be able to meet up with her! It was just like the good old days where we would talk and talk non stop but ofcourse we were frequently interrupted by the buzzing noise on her phone. Her cell just wouldn’t quit ringing! I guess something’s never changed hoilee is still always so busy..

Hoilee and I @ Dinner- Sri Ananda Bahwan.

Autumn with Hoilee and the love of her life-aaron.

They have been together for 4 amazing years and this is the first time I’ve seen them together!

That’s how busy Hoilee always is since FOREVER.

We met up with Eunice later that night @ Babylon Beach Blanket.

Quite a nice serene place to hang out other than the fact that there were mosquitoes sucking off my blood ever now and then.

This is how BUSY my dear friend is.

This also another EKOR!

OMGGG>>> were they texting each other to ditch mee???

Coz the outing was cut short abruptly and everyone headed home…=(

Maybe they secretly partied on without me…


Our last picture before we called it a night.


Ps: Hoilee you better make it up to me when you come back the next time or I will kick you in the butt!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just a Lil Note

It’s a Friday night and I am at home chilling after a nice dinner and shopping. It has been a rough week and I am looking forward to just lay back and have a quiet weekend. RELAXATION is what my mind and body needs. =D Too much high powered days can be exhaustinggg..

Bird’s Nest Essence Facial Mask

Oh and guess what.. haha.. Saw this at Watson. Lol. Decided to try it out. Feels pretty good but I am not sure how effective it is. Oh well, if it doesn’t help my complexion at least it helps me to relax. It’s amazing what sort of products are in the market these days.

Have a great weekend people! Regardless of what you do, have fun!

Till then..


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Someone's Watching Over Me

You know I seem you have special powers or something coz every time something happens to be there will be source that enlightens me and gives me an insight. It happens all the time.. The moment I think about something, an answer will just pop out of no where. Sometimes I get it in my dreams, sometimes I get it from conversations with colleagues who knows nothing about my issues.

Remember my last post about unintellectual blabber just yesterday??

I got the following message emailed to me at work this morning..

Pretty Amazing.. and the person who sent me the email doesn’t read my blog.

Pretty Amazing!

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC),
Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom. One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?"

"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell me I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Test of Three."

"Test of Three?"

"That's right," Socrates continued.
“Before you talk to me about my student let's take a moment to test what you're going to say. The first test is Truth.

Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"
"No," the man said, "actually I just heard about It."
"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not.

Now let's try the second test, the test of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?"

"No, on the contrary..." "So,"
Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him even though you're not certain it's true?" The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.

Socrates continued. "You may still pass though, because there is a third test - the filter of Usefulness.
Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?"
"No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?" The man was defeated and ashamed.

This is the reason Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem.

Gave me a shock when I read it! And this email was sent to me early in the morning!!

Perhaps there’s an angel watching over me..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The unintellectual blabber..

I have low tolerance for arrogance and I totally despise obnoxious people. They so get on my nerves, I feel like punching right into their faces. I have never been a top scorer in my class and I am no Einstein. But one thing for sure is that I do appreciate intellectual conversations. Conversations with values! I admire those who seek to view things from various perspectives. I enjoy conversations that bring out the best in me and mind opening. It doesn’t have to be rocket science but it certainly has to at least have viewpoints that are worth sharing.

Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of unintellectual blabber. It is not only annoying but it actually degrades the intellectual level of these individuals. I wonder why these people are actually wasting their time on things so trivial, insignificant and totally barbaric. Sometimes I do wonder, maybe the educational level that one receives is the cause of unintellectual blabber. I don’t mean to discriminate against those to receive less education. Seriously.. I mean it’s not like they choose to have lower levels of education, they have they circumstances too and I totally get that. But I mean come on.. if the conversations were started up to just insult and degrade the other party.. the unintellectual speaker might as well SHUT the F*** UP! I don’t think you need to have a degree or education to have intellectual talks. And I don’t think everyone who receives less education is involved in unintellectual blabber. I bet my grandma who was a standard 6 drop out would not speak in that manner.

What’s wrong with these people??

Happy 1st Birthday Totally Autumn!

Gosh.. Time flies.. Cant believe that I have actually been actively bloging for 1 whole year! To those who have followed my entries all year round. THANK YOU!! I know I haven’t been bloging often enough but I will try to make time to update more frequently.

And oh.. to those to commented on my posts. A BIG THANK YOU. Keep em coming!

Friday, July 17, 2009

So funnyy that you absolutely have to check this out!

This shit is so damn funny! First saw it when i was in the cinemas watching obsessed!
Enjoy it!! Happy weekend people!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The thing with Hairdressers and Beauticians. UrGhHh…

Last Friday was a replacement holiday for my company as it was a public holiday on Saturday. Nothing makes me happier than a public holiday. With extra free time in hand a scheduled my whole day to self pampering and beautifying myself. Woke up early and headed to the dentist in the morning. I’ve been going to the same dentist since my milk tooth needed extraction. He was kind and nice asking me how I am and he said my teeth are perfectly fine! *wEeEEe…* but I went ahead with scaling and polishing my teeth so that it *sparkles*. Hehe.

Next I headed to the hairdresser. Have been to this hairdresser since last year. I think he’s been doing an ok job so far however he has this bad habit of wanting to up sell his products and services that it becomes quite annoying. I stopped going to his shop for a while coz I wanted to try out new shops but went back to him eventually. He greeted me with a friendly smile and proceed to toss my hair all over. Then he started commenting… “WahHh.. your hair.. last hairdresser didn’t cut it properly lo!” I was like “Oh, really ar?” and I continue browsing thru the magazine that was in hand. Few seconds later he went “WaHH.. your hair.. so DRY!! Need treatment lo!” I was like “ok.. but not today coz I’m rushing off else where after this”.. Moments later “EHh.. your hair not very straight anymore.. want to schedule for straightening bo?”.. i was glaring at him by now and went “you say my hair so dry.. Straighten some more ma even more spoiled!”.. he kept quite.. it didn’t take him several seconds more to suggest more things that I can do with my hair. In my head was like.. “Eh Bruuther… I know my hair needs a trimming and pampering that’s why I am in your freaking shop! I know my hair isn’t silky smooth but seriously can you please stop condemning my crowning glory!!!” UrgHhH.. but instead I just kept quiet and waited till he finished his job and left the shop.

Next, I drove myself to get facial done. I’ve been looking forward to this facial session as it cost quite a bit. I wanted to know how to feels like being pampered and loved by these highly professionally trained personnels. It’s my first time to this beauty parlour. I usually go to cheappier ones. Was very impressed with the ambience. Was high class and quiet and serene. I laid there with my eyes closed when the beautician came in… I was enjoying the artificially chirping of birds with was playing on the sound system when suddenly the beautician interrupted my serenity.. “wah… your face!! Got do facial before or not?” I replied politely, “yeah.. got it was only a month ago when I did my last facial” and she went “oHhhHh.. actually la hor.. your face very dry lo.. you need our latest ABC treatment.. very good wan lo. Lots of customer feedback says that it improves their skin lo.. only RMXXX.XX with our latest promotion”. “ErRr.. I seee”.. and she went on and on about how my face needed this and that and this and that.. through out the whole session she was just going on and on about their services and products.. GOSHHHH!!

Question: is my face and hair really that bad that it needed soOoOoo many stuff to cure it? Is it just me?? Or are they just trying to sell sell sell?


Sunday, July 12, 2009

At the immigration office many weeks ago.

This post is a continuation of this post which was posted up previously. Thanks to those who posted up comments on the entry by providing me some tips of handling this matter. Thanks to those who called too!

Anyway, just a quick recap of what happened previously:-

My passport was expiring in 6 months time and I had already plan ahead to travel to Phuket for my vaykay. I’ve gotten all the air tix and the bookings for the hotel rooms sorted out. Called firefly up and they told me I had to renew my passport before flying but I can just book the air ticket with my old passport first. Upon renewal of my passport, all I have to do is call them up and update them with the new passport number.

A week after making all the bookings, I headed down town to get my passport renewed. Fortunately, there weren’t many people even though it was a Friday and it coincided with the school holidays. Apparently, the immigration office is open during lunch hours too! (I’m truly impressed). So waited for my turn and an officer referred me to the “siasatan” (investigation) counter instead. The “siasatan” officer told me that my passport would take about 1 month to get it renewed because there’s a stamp (chop) on my passport stating that I have been denied entry to Canada 2 years back.

I was like “WHAT??” One month? But I need my passport in 2 weeks coz I’ll be on a holiday and all the stuff had been paid for. I explained to the officer that I wasn’t deported from Canada. I was just denied access to Canada when I was in Detriot because I had insufficient documents for Canadian visa application. She said I have 2 options now. #1: Hand them the passport and hope that they take less than1 month to get it processed. #2:Just go ahead any fly with a passport which its validity is less than 6 months.

I asked if there is any way to ensure that I can get my passport renewed in a shorter period of time. She said ‘NO’. I told her that prior to booking my air tickets, firefly required me to renew my passport. And according to firefly, I will not be able to fly with a passport that has less than6 months validity. The officer’s reply was, “I FEEL that you should have no problem flying la. I had a few friends who went to Singapore and Thailand. No problem la. Just go ahead! Neighbouring country, no problem wan!”

I was like… “you FEEL????” in my head I was thinking “ what if you felt wrongly??”. I asked if they are able to prepare a black and white to ensure that I am allowed to fly. They said they cannot commit anything.. *$#!T!&*^&%#%%*

I was tempted to just go ahead and fly with my old passport but I was still a bit sceptical. That was when I turned to totally autumn to ask for advice. Apparently many think that I wouldn’t be able to fly. So I made another call to firefly and told them about my case. They said, it’s almost guaranteed that I wouldn’t be able to fly with my old passport.

SHITTT?? What am I suppose to do??? I aint gonna cancel my trip! I tried to google to see if I am able to fly with less than6 months passport validity. There’s a 50/50 chance of making it through but with the hassle that you have to go through. Many advised that it’s not worth it to take the risk.

So what I did next was prepared all the documents needed to prove that I will be coming back to Malaysia hoping that the immigration will prepare a black and white stating that I am able to fly.

I went to the immigration a week later with the following documents:

· pay slip

· prove of employment letter from HR

· bank statement

· confirmation of air ticket booking to thailand

· confirmation of hotel booking in Thailand

· telephone bill

I hoped all the above documents was able to prove that I needed to come back to Malaysia and I don’t intend to stay in Thailand!

I went back to the immigration office and handed them all my documents. The officer went into the room for a few minutes and came back and told me that they only needed the air ticket confirmation and the hotel booking confirmation. And said “ok, you can collect the passport in 2 hours. You weren’t deported from Canada right?” In my head I was like… “That was exactly what I told you 1 week ago!!! And you said that was nothing you can do!!” but I was happy anyway to know that my passport would be ready in 2 hours!

Moral of the story: Never Take No for an Answer!! There ought to be a way out! GUARANTEED!

A similar situation happened at my work place some weeks ago. My superior told me that there is NO WAY to simplify a certain task because upper management would not give their support on the issue. They have been trying to get access to it for years (*they have been using the same method for more than 5-6 years) and they finally gave up. So I was told to just continue doing things the hard way. But to me it was just ridiculous! I mean why do we have to do things the hard way when there is obviously a better and more efficient method?? I personally went to upper management to justify why the easier way was needed and how it would make things more efficient and cost saving. I may have offended upper management with my approach. I may be deemed as “rude” in my conservative and hierarchical organisational structure but ultimately I got it done! Things are more efficient now and fewer mistakes are being made with the implementation of the new method. Ultimately it was a win-win situation for both parties. Company saves money, my work becomes easier. My extra time can be used to contribute on other more important matters. *wink*

Friday, July 10, 2009

More of Phuket

Day 3-I took absolutely no pictures at all coz I had tummy ache all day and I was feeling feverish. So all we did was gone out and grab some food and stay in and watch the coverage of MJ’s death on TV all day.

Day 4- I got a lil better for a brief moment and we headed to the beach immediately!

Patong Beach!

Trying to be all smiley even though I wasn’t feeling very well.

Cocaine drug lord and his girl

-Blissfully Autumn-

I am just blessed to be in the position that I am in now. I cherish every moment of this.

Macho Cocaine dealer

Love the sun setting back drop.

-it was magnificent-

Everything that you do, I’m two steps behind you

To catch you when you fall and to share your moments of joy

*every step that we take is to achieve a step ahead*

*its not just a mirage, its reality*


*up high!*

-Easy. Breezy. Beautiful-

-My Superman-


Notice the nicely manicured nails *wink*

-Autumn; not just a season, it’s a journey-

It's been a wonderful journey so far

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My VayKay!!

My 24th Birthday has gotta be THEEE best! I had so many birthday celebrations and so many greetings from so MANY people. I am sorry if I had not returned your sms-es or messages on fb coz I was away for my GREAT vaykay and right after my vaykay I fell sick and was on MC and after my MC I was just swamped with assignments and presentations! I hadn’t had the time to chill at all till today… So to all who sent me all the niceeeyyy birthday greetings, THANK YOU so very much! So thoughtful of you guys! =D I really appreciate it! *Autumn feels so loved*

My 5 day 4 night island vacation to Phuket was great great great! The sun and the beach were just amazing! Unfortunately I had too much sun and too much Thai food!! On the 4th and the 5th day I was bed ridden coz I was had one of the worst tummy aches ever!! And to make matters worst.. My face swelled after getting sun burned! But other than that.. I had a really wonderful time!

Anyway here are my vaykay pics! Bet you guys have been dying to see em! So here goesssss…!


My ride to the GREAT island get-a-way!

So convenient and safe! I even don’t have to worry about H1N1 virus!





My real ride to the island!

Was a bit worried and sceptical about firefly at first coz I had problems with my passport earlier (will blog about that matter in the coming blog) and after reading and and and I was really praying hard that I don’t have to go thru what they did. Lucky me, the plane departed right on time from PG to Phuket. There was a slight delay (40 mins) from phuket back to penang but it’s ok.. it was bearable.

We booked our accommodation for 2 nites in Kata Beach and 2 nights at Patong beach..=D

Sugar Palm Grand Hillside Hotel @ Karon.

Notice that we didn’t end up staying at Kata Beach because according to them, they over booked their rooms. We were “upgraded” to their newer hotel at Karon beach instead. I was pissed when I was told that we had to move to another hotel upon arrival at Sugar Palm Kata but I didn’t want to make a big fuss about it.. it’s suppose to be my vaykay.. no point getting angry. we just went ahead to the other hotel at Karon beach instead. Service was great. All personnels spoke good English and it was just a stone throw away from the happening spots. Am impressed with the hotel standards considering that we only paid about rm180 for 2 nights! =D

*Hilly view*

-The view from our room-

Autumn at the lawn of the hotel..

SS getting comfy by the pool.

*Sunset evening by the beach*

SS professing his love for me..


*Yesss.. Me!!*

-SS loves Mein-

Me me me!! No one else but me..

Ultraman and his lobster meal.

Tam Chiak Ultragirl!

Manly SS

On our boat ride to Phi phi island.

Serene Sandy Beach


Clear blue water on a sunny day

On island hopping tour on our lil boat

Iranian girl?

Clear blue sky and water at Phi Phi

A glimpse of heaven!

-the crowd-

Sexy SS

SS just chilling

Autumn just chilling

Autumn in a colourful pario

*totally autumn*

Just the 2 of us!

SS up high!

AhHhhH.. Loving my get-a-way!

*This is life!!*

This ends day 1 and 2.

Will post up more pics soon!

Keep clicking on totally autumn!!

I know that i have been keeping you guys waiting for way too long.. so to make it up to you.. i'll be posting more consistently this week.. *promiseee larr*