Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Date night.

It’s been weeks since ss and i dressed up and went out for a nice meal. Work has been hectic for him and I am just swamped with assignments. Thank god for the long weekend that we had last week! Our rare opportunity to go out and loiter around in town a lil later. Movie nights that we used to have weekly were almost non existent with our jam packed schedule. We finally managed to make some time to catch a movie!! OhhhH.. This is what I call BLISS. Almost made me feel like skipping work today.

I love date nights!

Snapping pics while we’re waiting for our meal.

The meal was pretty good!

Dropped by at UPR for a while to check on my sis… See if she’s misbehavig..

Ngek ngek

Cheers to long weekends!!!