Monday, October 26, 2009

How do you entertain yourself on week nights?

Monday nights are free and easy nights for me, its where SS and I would just have dinner together and we‘ll have our own space after that. That explains why many of my blog posts are posted up on Mondays. =) It’s also usually when I work on my assignments and surf the internet as much as I wanted. Tonight is no different from any other Monday nights, and I should be working on my assignment instead of doing this..

1. Paint my nails.

Changing my nail colour.

But seriously if I don’t paint my nails I am sure to bite it off! Elianto’s nail polishes are super cheappy but really isn’t that great. Its difficult to apply and the texture of the paint is a lil too thick. It isn’t as long lasting as the other brands that I have tried. But the cheappo in me refused to spend the extra bucks on nail colours.. but it does the job.. so I guess it’s alright. Hehe.

2.Cam whore

Had my fringe blown sideways

It’s been a while since I cam whored anyway. So no hard mah right? It’s one of the cheappiest ways to entertain myself on week nights. Now who ever said I was high maintenance?? BOoOOo bOoOOo…

How do you entertain yourself on week nights?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nail polish: Face Shop Vs Skin Food

I have been painting my nails with different colours every other week. It was metallic blue last week and dark purple the week before and electric blue the before last week and this week it’s pretty purpleypink!

It’s the colour of the week!! =D

Not trying to act high maintenance or vain but I am just trying not to bite my nails and it works!! It seems like nail polish is the only remedy against nail biting. I wonder what guys do to prevent biting their nails?

My favourite brand of nail polish has gotta be skin food’s nail polish. It dries up really quickly and the colours are amazing! The colour comes up real easy which makes application super duper breezy.. the liquid is thick which means we do not have to paint it over and over again =D and its cheappy tooo!! Its only about RM9.90! gotta hunt for more lovable colourz at skin food this weekendd~~

Face shop’s nail polish are not too bad, its about the same price as skin food’s but the colour doesn’t come up as easily as skin food’s polishes. To get the colour of the above nail, I painted it over and over again for about 6-7 layers.. if I were to paint it with only one layer of colour, it looks almost transparent.. :S but I did like the outcome of this particular colour after many coats.. = D so its still an ok brand for me..

Face Shop Vs Skin food (nail polish)

I gotta say it’s definitely skin food for meeee

It’s mid week tmr which means it halfway towards the weekend!! wOoOhOoo.. we’re almost there. But unfortunately it also means that my assignments are gonna be due soon! *sniff sniff*

Happy week ahead!!

Will be updating my blog consistently…..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ketchups Catch Ups

Last weekend was one of the very few rare weekends that I have the chance to meet up with the ex Georgians. Had breakfast with phaik chin and june. It was a good catch up session, reminiscing the good old days. June was a bit under the weather but we generally had a good laugh! Did not manage to take any pics though… =(

Later in the day I had a one on one date with Hoi Lee =D was already so hungry when I met up with her at 6pm and decided to go for dinner right away! We had a short stroll from gurney plaza to the crepes cottage.

They serve really good food!

We arrived at crepe cottage at about 630 and I was jumping up and down with joy coz we were the first few customers. (The last time I went there it took them 40 mins to prepare my meal) We dived for the menu and ordered right away. The ambience is nice and cosy and we had so much to catch up on. We talked about everything under the sun ie. boys, work, parents, life, money and everything else. As we chatted there were more and more patrons coming in to the place and our food was yet to be served! It was only at 8pm that it finally came! 8 pm!!! And we were there since 630.. I was so hungry I was about to eat hoi lee up!

Even the fat cat in the restaurant fell asleep while waiting for his meal!!


When the food finally arrived I was too hungry to even take pics..

When I finally remembered to take pics, that was all that was left on the platter.hahaha. But I gotta admit that the lamb was just SoOOOoooo sOoOooO orgasmic!! It was cheappy tooo!!

Seriously, our plates were sparkling clean except for those yucky vegiess.. haha..

.:We ended our meal with yummy sunburst pancake :.

We were only able to smile after out tummies were satiated.

I enjoyed our date very very much..


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Love Story: Scene two

This post is up later than I expected. But it’s finally here! Our second location for the shoot was Khoo Kongsi. Gotta admit that despite being born and raised in penang, that day was my first time at Khoo Kongsi. It’s a really nice place for photo shoots!


Check out omgphotos @

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cute lil guy

Thank god for multi ethnicity in Malaysia! That explains why I am off today! It’s a replacement holiday for Deepvalie! WeEee!. Sorry for my non existence all of last week. Classes have officially started and assignments are pilling on. I intended to start working on it since 9am but I figured since I’ve promised to update a post today, I might as well get this writing done before the unpleasant write up for assignment starts. BlerghhHh.. But any-who, classes has been really rewarding coz I did pretty well last semester! WeeEeEE.. Cheers to me.. I don’t mean to brag but I thought I should just share my lil happiness with you guys! Yup Yup.. Autumn is a straight A’s student! LOL. I have never ever gotten all A’s for any exams before in my life.. WeEeeeEe… Cannot be any happier!! Sha-La-La-la..


I’ve got a cute little boy to introduce to you!

Presentinggggg: Baby Ethan!

My bundle of joy??

Haha.. nO. not yet.. at least not in any foreseeable future.

The baby doesn’t look like he likes me very much. Haha..

He’s sorta sticking his tongue out at me.

What a cheeky lil fella..

Awww.. the baby smilesss…

Can you see his half grin? Hehe

The proud parents of baby Ethan! =D

2 month old Ethan-boy is Ss’s sister’s first baby!!

And everyone adores him to piecesss…

Look at him in grandpa’s arms… =D


Snap back to reality!!

I have to get started on my assignment now!!

It’s gonna be all worth while coz imma pamper myself with spa and facial later in the arvo!


To the rest of you..

Happy holidayzzzz!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10.10.09: Happy Birthday Momma!!

It’s my mummy birthday!!!

Mummy glowing from happiness..

Young looking Mummy and daddy!!

They’ll be celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary end of this month! =) isn’t it amazing?

They have been an item since they were 18 and 20 yo!! :)

Autumn with mummy and daddy.

Feels weird that there’s only 3 of us in family pictures..

Sure wish L-girl was with us..

Look at my tech savvy parents playing with their phones while waiting for the food to be served.. Dang! And lately they’ve been active on fb too!!! Gosh… My parents are the coolest!!

My PapaDom and I =D

Do I look more like mum or dad?

Aww.. finally a pic of ss and I.

Families are shrinking in size from one generation to another.

Family time is one of the core value that one must always posses!

Once again Happy Birthday Mommy!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ryanscent Photography: Scene 1

The great artist behind the lenses was my high schoolmate. We just happened to chat online and *poof* the idea of taking portraits popped up. I was like yeah, should be cool. I love being in pictures but I do feel very self conscious when there’s a big ass camera pointing directly at me. So I thought it would be nice to have SS with me, it would make it less awkward and perhaps the pictures would turn out nicer.

We had absolutely no idea where to take those shots. I had done several portraits shoots previously so I wanted this one to be different from the rest. So basically, SS and I only decided what to wear on the day of the photo shoot the night before. We were told that we have the luxury of having 2 different outfits and the session will only take 2 hours! We made sure we had sufficient sleep the night before of we’re all set.

One of our first few shots of the day.

To be honest I felt so awkward. Having to gaze at each other like no one’s watching was tough work. The truth was there’s a freaking big camera pointing right at me and to ignore it completely wasn’t easy.

I like the natural feel of this picture.

It gets better after a while. I felt less self conscious after several *click clacks*

The location of these pictures taken is at Tg Bunga at the new E&O housing project.

Us acting silly

One of my favourite pictures at that location.

What was I thinking in this shot? I’m in the middle of the road of Christ sake!!

It certainly got better as we proceeded to the next location. But I’ll keep that for another post!

Stay tuned!

Click here for more cool pics! She sure did an awesome job! And I had so much fun during the session. Thanks girl!

Oh and thank you for all the comments on my previous posts! It sure did motivate me to blog! *wEeEee*

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival is not fun when it rains…

I am a sucker of fireworks and lanterns. There’s always a romantic feeling associated to it and I cannot describe how much I just absolutely love love love emm..

Lanterns by the river side

Despite having to attend classes on mid autumn festival last Saturday, the happy feeling inside me just lingered on through out the day while I was in class and I was so excited coz I had a beachside bbq party to attend. That’s when I can parade around in my classy looking paper lantern. It was sunny all day and that made me even happier.. but by the time the clock strike 7 o’clock, it started pouring cats and dogs.. my heart literally sank coz that would just mean that I would have to wait for another YEAR! WhyYyyY? Why ruin my romantic mid autumn festival??

And I was so looking forward to taking lots and lots of pictures to post it up here.. what a disappointment.

So instead I went for dinner with my parents (cheers free food) and bunk around in borders a lil to catch up on some reading. I love to read but am to stingy to actually purchase them. Haha plus I don’t really have time to actually complete a book anyway so.. lol.. yeah..

Oh.. That was me @ Bulgaria over the weekend. I don’t know it it’s just me but it seemed like the standard of their food has deteriorated since I last visited. Pork ribs have always been one of my favourite main dish but the one at Bulgaria didn’t seem to be able to satisfy my taste buds. Or was it me just being picky…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Here

I can’t believe that despite my non existence in the blogging world people are still checking my blog out. I don’t even read my blog anymore! The truth is, I was so busy last month with work, classes and I needed to spend time with my dearest sister since we was leaving for the UK. After that was all over, I was just so worn out and tired. I’d rather pamper myself silly with spas and massages, manicures and pedicures! I deserved after a months of beezeeeness..

And after a while I tried blogging again, I did actually type out a few entries but I just couldn’t complete writing them. I just simply couldn’t be bothered to tell the world what I’m up to. I intended to just let my blog die off and never return. It was when I started reading blogs from a friend that reminded me that blogging was suppose to be something personal. It’s about my thoughts, my feelings and things that mattered to me. Blogs aren’t assignments and homework that I needed to hand in on a weekly basis. =D That lil blog sure did enlighten me.

To those who still constantly check out my blog. A big thank you to you!

Here’s what I’ve sorta been up to while I was away.

All of us @ the airport before Lynn left.

I cannot believe that she’s in the UK for 3 weeks now. She’s really all grown up now, being independent and leading the life she has always dreamt of. I cannot deny that I miss her existence at home coz she’s always happy and cheerful.

SS cooked me a simple but wonderful meal.

I guess I’m back to the blog sphere! But I really don’t know how long I’ll stay coz my semester starts today which means I’ll be busy for the next few weeks. But I will take the initiative to blog. O.. Oh Oh.. maybe as an encouragement, if you guys would be so kind to post comments, perhaps it would motivate me to blog a lil more. *wink*

Before I go off, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!! I’m going to parade around with lanterns tonite!

Enjoy your weekend!