Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nail polish: Face Shop Vs Skin Food

I have been painting my nails with different colours every other week. It was metallic blue last week and dark purple the week before and electric blue the before last week and this week it’s pretty purpleypink!

It’s the colour of the week!! =D

Not trying to act high maintenance or vain but I am just trying not to bite my nails and it works!! It seems like nail polish is the only remedy against nail biting. I wonder what guys do to prevent biting their nails?

My favourite brand of nail polish has gotta be skin food’s nail polish. It dries up really quickly and the colours are amazing! The colour comes up real easy which makes application super duper breezy.. the liquid is thick which means we do not have to paint it over and over again =D and its cheappy tooo!! Its only about RM9.90! gotta hunt for more lovable colourz at skin food this weekendd~~

Face shop’s nail polish are not too bad, its about the same price as skin food’s but the colour doesn’t come up as easily as skin food’s polishes. To get the colour of the above nail, I painted it over and over again for about 6-7 layers.. if I were to paint it with only one layer of colour, it looks almost transparent.. :S but I did like the outcome of this particular colour after many coats.. = D so its still an ok brand for me..

Face Shop Vs Skin food (nail polish)

I gotta say it’s definitely skin food for meeee

It’s mid week tmr which means it halfway towards the weekend!! wOoOhOoo.. we’re almost there. But unfortunately it also means that my assignments are gonna be due soon! *sniff sniff*

Happy week ahead!!

Will be updating my blog consistently…..


Jean said...

came from innit exchange~
I personally love etude house's nail polish!^^

Autumn said...

OhHh... are the nail polishes there good? how much do they cost? comes in nice colours?