Sunday, April 11, 2010

Qing Ming Week ‘10

I know Qing Ming Week is almost ending and this post is a lil later than expected. Despite not having classes, I still can’t find the time to post each entry on time. Oh, better late than never right? This entry is more for shirlynn than anyone else coz it’s her first year of not attending the annual affair. I missed her company..

We were there even before the sun got up..

Special guest appearance by S.. Since L wasn’t around I invited S over to replace her for the time being.. :D

The annual affair where we stuck flags and other decorative papers on the cemetery..

I really have no clue what the paper and flags signifies but I assume its for decorative purposes since its so colourful.. =D

Offerings… There’s bak zhang this year!

The Family

Leopard prints for ah chor..LOL

There a shirt too..

If only it was real money!!! ohHhh.. the things I can buy if I’ve got all the money in the world..

Up in flames.. Oh.. so much for earth hour.

Mummy and I… Sure wished L were here~~

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandy visits Penang!!

My blogging spree officially begins!! i have finally completed my semester and will be having a couple months off!! wOOOhOoOo... Hurray!! That means i would have more time for myself and ofcoz muh girlss!! *cannot be any happier*

Everything has been going really well lately. I've already completed 9/14 subjects that i have to undertake for my MBA. It's an enriching experience really.. i cannot imagine how much i would have regretted if i had not taken this course. My time would have been really wasted.. so no regrets and im really glad i did it!

sandy baby came to visit me in penang last week! haven't seen her for YEARS! yes literally and despite not seeing each other for so long, we click the moment we met. it felt like just yesterday when choose our own career pathways.. *grinnn*

Meiny, Sandy and Agnesy =)

oh gosh and she just cant stop complaining about being fat when the reality is that she is way slimmer when i last met her...

At Sandy's Birthday A gazzilion yrs ago.. hahah

Sandy oh sandy.. you look nice just the way you are. Come visit me more often lah!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baking 101.

My very first attempt in baking!!! I’ve always wanted to try my hands on baking. It’s an early Saturday morning and lucky for me classes had been cancelled this weekend! whOOpIeeee… I decided to whip up something sweet while ss is busy at work… *awww.. so nice of me right?*

Stuff that are needed for the muffins.

Weighing the accurate amount of flour

Added eggs

And some corn oil

Blend it all together…

Served them in lil cuppies

Almost doneeee

Bakeeeee eettt

Anddd wah laaaaa…

And not to my surprise my muffins turned outt… YUCK YUCKKK>. Lol… I have yet to taste it but I dun even feel like eating it.. LOL>.. I guess i'm not meant to be a baker.. better luck next time perhaps

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surprise Surprisee.. I is Back!!

Yes, Yes i am guilty as charged.. I have been missing for way toOoOOo long.. I really wanted to blog consistently but i really didnt have the time. I tried to be more disciplined and make time for this but the attraction of my bed is wayyy stronger than my hot pink lappie.. I'm really so sorry and to those who still visit my blog despite my disappearance, a biggg THANK YOU.

Happy Belated Chinese Year!! I had a WoOOhOOOo celebration with lotsa yummy food and great great company. My sis flew back from UK to be with us on this auspicious CNY.

My whole family at our annual reunion lunch

My fun bunch of cousins and I goofing around on my parents housewarming dinner party.

On the first day of every Chinese New Year, Lynn and i would play a game while we're bored in the back seat of the car when we're on the way to visit relatives. The rule of the game is to create a facial expressions based on the instruction (word) given. Still don't get it?

Here's how it works:
*(each one of us would take turns to make a shout out)




#4:Saw Something weird


#6:About to meet a car accident

#7: Strike a lottery


#9:Stepped on Buffy (my doggie's) shit..


#11:Tasted something bitter

Hahaha.. Now who's a better actress?? Laughed my ass off when i preview the pics taken .. LOL-ed.

This seems to be a great head start for the year of the Tiger!!! Looking forward to better dayss!!wEeEEeEEE...

Till then.. keep visiting~~~