Sunday, April 11, 2010

Qing Ming Week ‘10

I know Qing Ming Week is almost ending and this post is a lil later than expected. Despite not having classes, I still can’t find the time to post each entry on time. Oh, better late than never right? This entry is more for shirlynn than anyone else coz it’s her first year of not attending the annual affair. I missed her company..

We were there even before the sun got up..

Special guest appearance by S.. Since L wasn’t around I invited S over to replace her for the time being.. :D

The annual affair where we stuck flags and other decorative papers on the cemetery..

I really have no clue what the paper and flags signifies but I assume its for decorative purposes since its so colourful.. =D

Offerings… There’s bak zhang this year!

The Family

Leopard prints for ah chor..LOL

There a shirt too..

If only it was real money!!! ohHhh.. the things I can buy if I’ve got all the money in the world..

Up in flames.. Oh.. so much for earth hour.

Mummy and I… Sure wished L were here~~